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I walked in and was not greeted, then was TOLD to go into a door on the other side of the counter.....when I walked through the door I must have gone a few steps too far because she said rudely "where are you going?" .......I should have walked out right then. Then RUDE girl says you can go into room 1 but doesn't bother to tell me where room 1 was.

While I was sitting in room 1 waiting to get my blood test taken I looked out in the hallway and saw another worker take a cell phone out of her pocket and do some texting.....all while wearing gloves.... and then she handed a urine specimen cup to a young lady to take a urine specimen .....all while wearing the same gloves she used to do her texting!!!!! But wait there's more.....

RUDE girl comes in to room 1 to do my blood test....sticks the needle in my arm without warning....on an angle - which I have NEVER seen anyone do before!!! NO blood in syringe so she decides to pull needle part way out and try again 2 MORE TIMES ANGLING THE NEEDLE IN DIFFERENT POSITIONS- STILL NOT BLOOD.....GEE I WONDER WHY!!!

Then she says to me "There's a vein in there somewhere!" REALLY!!! REALLY!! I told her to get that *** needle out of my arm!!!! AND I SAID "I'M SURE THERE IS A VEIN SOMEWHERE IN MY BODY TO YOU WANT TO KEEP POKING AROUND UNTIL YOU FIND ONE?!?!?


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LabCorp Cons: Way they treat the patients, Rude treatment, Front desk staff, Staff touching cell phone with gloves on.

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  • Unprofessional Customer Service
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