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The LabCorp at 5750 W. Thunderbird in Glendale, Arizona is terrible! Both times that I've gone, there's been a totally full waiting room. (Even though there are about 30 chairs, the regulars who have standing orders bring their own folding chairs [seriously, I'm not making this up] because they know they'll have to wait and that it's likely there won't be enough chairs for them.)

The most recent time I was there, the person working the front desk waited until 30 minutes after the doors were opened before she announced that there were only two people (herself included) working that day, and that people should either go elsewhere, come back another day, or be prepared to wait for hours!

She didn't even bother to ask at that time if there were any people there to do drug screens or tests that require several blood draws over a period of a few hours. Finally, three HOURS after the doors opened, she asked if anyone was there to do a drug test. When half the waiting room (about 15 people - most of whom were there since the doors opened) raised their hands, she looked shocked and told them that there was no way most of them would be able to have their test done that day. Some people were quite upset because they had been waiting for so long. I don't blame them! I was mad too, and I was one of the lucky ones who actually managed to get my test done. Granted, what should have taken 20 minutes instead took 4 hours, but at least I didn't have to go back another day.

What is LabCorp thinking??? Haven't they ever heard of adequate staffing? They have sign-in sheets, so they know how many people go to each location each day on average - the should certainly be able to plan appropriately!! I thought the first time I went there that my experience was a fluke, but after the second time of the same thing, it became clear that it wasn't. I will NEVER go back to that location again, and I will be sending my insurance company a letter and e-mails asking them to please switch to another lab company instead. LabCorp just has a total and complete disregard for their customers!

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