500 B Grove Street, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035, USA
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I' be been having financial difficulties and owed them $22. Today they refused to do my bloodwork without full payment.

I had $94 to make it 7 days until my next paycheck. I now have $72. If I had the money I would have paid it.

Congrats to them They made a grown man cry today. They must feel much better being $22 Friggin dollars richer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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So exactly how were you held hostage? Having to pay what you owe is not being held hostage.

If you owed that money then they are well within their right to deny service until paid up. As for billing, just admit that you have put off paying that money that they DID bill you for. You can’t expect them to trust you are going to pay it even after you received a bill. It’s a business so to expect compassion over monies owed is silly.

They ARE in business to make money and NOT run a charity.

Your personal finances are YOUR PROBLEM not theirs. Their problem is getting YOU to pay what you legally owe before new services are rendered.


Well you did owe the money, they did not force you to pay, this is called "good and services" they provided a service, you're expected to pay for it, this is how they are able to stay in business, I cannot believe at this day and age this needs to be explained.


There is such a thing as billing someone. It's not like I owed them thousands of dollars.

I'm down and out at the moment. Have some compassion you heartless ***