Altoona, Pennsylvania
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Took pre employment screening....been waiting almost a week now to get result so I can start my new job....called several times no help ....kept telling me the employer has to call to get results....signed in on patient portal to receive results NOTHING!!! Called the so called dr office listed on the chain of custody form to discover incorrect address and could not connect me to customer service due to technical issues and told me to call back the *** did my sample go then for testing????

Really upset with this whole process and will NEVER use or reccomend this company again....All I want is my result so I can start my new job!!!!! Med Express here I come

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Drug Test Procedure.

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Next time actually read the chain of custody statement you signed before blowing up. Results for these drug tests are never given to the candidate and you signed the form. By all means go to MedExpress....wait they are labcorp too...shucks that sucks


Any testing regarding employment or pre-employment will not be viewable to candidates. These tests results are strickly sent to employers who payed/requested such tests that involve employment for the candidate. For results you must contact your employer.