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My husband has diabetes and goes to his Dr every 3 to 6 months. He has paid Labcorp when he shouldn't have owed anything!

He has Blue Cross and a supplemental policy and they always manage to find an amount he owes. He went to his 6 month appointment today and they refused to take his blood because he has a balance of 53.00 that was mailed in day before yesterday. I would understand if he never paid the balance on an account but he always pays! They wouldn't take my blood a few months back because of a balance that was their billing error, and has since been resolved.

I've changed Dr's because of LabCorp, I don't know what my husband will do, he really likes his Dr. just not Labcorp!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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If it is coded incorrectly, that can be corrected. He should have called the insurance company first to find out why he is receiving a bill and what was covered or not covered.

I have had incorrect coding which was corrected and it was in my favor. Always question a bill if you think there is a problem.


Him having to pay is not a lab issue, it's an insurance issue and more than likely a coding issue, which would be the fault of the doctor.