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I had a job offer, only had to take the non-DOT 9 panel drug screen to complete the process. Mine came back with a false positive for Marijuana which is impossible as I am not a user in any recent era.

I had oral surgery 4 days before the test and was prescribed Oxicodone for pain and took quite a bit of it over the 4 days before the test. A 9 panel drug screen specifically tests for opiates - one of them is Oxicodone and I had large amounts in my system - no indication for opiates and a false positive for marijuana - what a sham of a test. When I asked why they did not detect the opiates they told me "We don't test for that!" Really - I thought this was a non-DOT 9 panel test, you just don't decide on your own that you don't test something. One of 3 possibilities here: wrong sample due to chain of custody violation, 2) Sample contaminated, or 3) the device or process used by Labcorp has not been properly calibrated with a control solution or the device or process is broken.

I will never go to a Labcorp facility in the future that is for sure.

I previously worked for a medical device company developing software for a blood-gas analyzer used to measure various blood gases - very similar device and process as urine testing and unless the device is calibrated and periodically checked with a control solution, no results can be trusted as being accurate. We need laws to protect job applicants and employees from erroneous results.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Drug Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

LabCorp Cons: Wrong results.

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