Woodstock, Georgia

Extremely rude customer service. Called to ask for directions and was snapped at like I was a child.

While waiting in the office, a pregnant woman (customer) left to take an important phone call and notified management that she had to take a call. As soon as she left, the manager joked that, "Yeah, she has an important call. Her hairstylist!" I have never witnessed such rude behavior and have never been treated this way by anyone. I was repeatedly snapped at during testing and was treated horribly.

I was appalled. I am furious that LabCorp gets away with treating customers so poorly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

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This has nothing to do with Laboratory Corporation of America if you do not take the time to complain to them. Lab Corp is huge, with thousands, and thousands of employees all over the US and Canada.

You really need to call main office to let them know what is going own at a particular location in order for it to be addressed. If enough complaints come in, I'm sure they will take care of it.

Lab Corp is a fantastic Company.


We went there to have some blood drawn rather than drive all the way to Marietta and pay to park. The front desk people were rude and less than pleasant.

Then they asked if we were there for drug testing, out loud in front of everyone. The person taking the blood had no idea how to do it.

After 30 minutes, and multiple tries, the blood was finally drawn. The place reminded me of those clinics you see on TV shows, where drug addicts go to get their methadone fix.


The unprofessional attitude and poor client service must be something in their mission, vision and company values. In Weston and Pembroke Pines FL they also treat patients awful!

I've complaint to a manager in corporate and although she pretended she cared about my feedback and would address my concerns, I've been back and it's all the same.

In this economy of high unemployment I'm sure that with a little effort they could find better staff. Unfortunately my insurance only carries Labcorp but hopefully next year we'll change to Cigna and switch to Quest (much better experience with them for sure!)


You were so appalled....that you stayed and put up with it....or better yet...tucked your tail between your legs and did not address their unprofessional behavior with a manager. You'll be back I am betting that


LTCC, you must work for Labcorp. Grow up!