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I was seen on 4/16 at the LabCorp in Hammonton NJ. I am a regular at Quest every 6 months getting my labs but unfortunately our local office closed and I was instructed to go to LabCorp.

I arrived at 715am and it was crowded but the lab tech was taking folks back and getting them out in under 10 mins. Which seemed odd to me but I was happy I wouldn’t be there all morning. My happiness ended when she forcibly pushed the needle into my arm the whole time bragging that she will “always” find a vein. I never said I have vein issues and honestly never have.

She continued to chat away about her personal life and was pushing down hard on my arm. I even said ouch why are you pressing so hard but she said she had a lot of blood to take. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I’ll attach a pic of my arm which immediately began to bruise throughout the day.

This is my arm day 3 the pain has been non stop and there is actually a hard ball in my arm under the bruise. Today is day 6 and it’s green and yellow but still very painful and hard. I mentioned to my co- workers where they go for labs and one said LabCorp Hammonton. She said never again because she had pain and extreme bruising as did her mother-in-law.

I described the tech and she said they had the same one and refuse to let her take blood from them anymore. If there is not another tech they leave. I will never again go in there and I tell everyone about my experience, so then the bruise and describe the woman tech that did this.

As I said I’ve had labs done every 6months for the last 7 years and never anything like this. She should be made to understand what she’s doing unless this is a common practice for her and maybe she enjoys hurting people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Blood Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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