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Incident #1

I was at the 5555 Reservoir Dr, STE 10, San Diego location at - 0730 am. Saw on the Door that hours was changed to 0800.

There was no other patient in the hallway outside the lab facility nor was there anyone waiting outside the building.

I opted to wait in my car until 0755. When I got to the Lab facility door, there was a white patient waiting there. So, I thought ok, I will be second. Then two ladies came in.

When the door opens, the white patient went in, and the two ladies cut ahead of me - they looked like they have been there before and knew what to do.

The white patient went to the window and was told to check in at the kiosk. He turned and saw the two ladies there and looked at me with a 'wtf' expression and I shrugged my shoulders. Rosemary one of the technicians came out and asked who was here first and I pointed at the white patient. The two ladies then said they were 1 and 2.

I told the Rosemary that the white patient was number 1 and the two ladies said they were outside.

. . My response to them was I was there at 0730 and there was no on in the hallway or outside the building and told Rosemary that there is no clear instructions on the Lab facility door telling people where and how to queue up. Her response was that it is not their job to do so, and I told her it may not be her job, but the company should have clear instructions on the door directing patients on how to do so.

Her response was that the 'security guy' was supposed to direct patient traffic - in my experience unless LabCorp specifically hired a traffic directing security, building security do not do this, and I told her that since this is unlikely the first time this occurred, she should be letting her supervisor know that this is a common occurrence and clear and proper directions should be posted. This time her response was that she does not represent the company, and it's not her problem!!!

This time, I told her that if she thinks she does not represent LabCorp, she should not be working for LabCorp I asked for her name which she happily provided and with my prompting provided her supervisor's name, Renee, and phone number (760)xxx-xxxx. This tells me that this employee has a history of this type of brazen behavior and was never reprimanded by her supervisor.

Incident #2

Then, after all that is said and done, it was my turn to have my blood drawn. This African American technician (unfortunately did not get a chance to get her name as the situation escalated quickly) took me in to the room, and proceeded to ask me what happened.

I thought she was a supervisor who was trying to find out what happened. As I proceeded to tell my story, her response to me was 'No, we do not have a queue, and it is not our job to set up a queue - whoever walks in first and register at the kiosk first gets served first ` not our problem if you showed up at 0730'.

At this point, I am feeling very irate and asked her if she is a supervisor there - to which she responded no. So, I asked her then, why is she asking me about what happened. Her response was, there was a lady who said she was here first and that she was trying to find out who to help first.

To which I responded, I have no problems if the two ladies wanted to go first, and that she should go take care of them. But to be clear, my problem is with the lab not having clear instructions on where to wait so people can congregate at one location and be able to self queue to see who got there first. I was there at 0730 and clearly the first patient, but was waiting in the parking lot, and the white patient was waiting at the door of the lab at 0755, the ladies arriving after me were waiting somewhere outside the building and thought they were the first and second.

She responded again with it is my problem if I showed up at 0730 and the lab opens at 0800 and that they are not responsible and do not require patients to queue. I then responded, then why is it then important to figure out who to help first?

She then responded that whoever enters the lab foyer first and register at the kiosk gets seen first! At this point, my blood is boiling. . .

Then she adds, if you go to Costco early, before the door opens, is there a queue? I shook my head and told her that she is not helping and escalating the situation, and I am getting upset and CAN we please get on with the blood draw.

Her response was to throw up her hands and said nope, I am not drawing your blood.

Kudos to Marie, she was waking by and stepped in to my relief and calmly got my blood drawn.

So, to whomever gets to read this, thank you for your patience! I am sure this is a common occurrence at this location based on the behavior of these two employees.

One has the courage to say they do not represent the company, and the other needs to go to customer service training.

Finally, if Lab corp do not want to get into queue control, why not put a ticket counter for patient to pull the ticket, so there is an accountability of who got there first? I am sure the building security guy is not there for crowd control.

p/s I did leave a message with Renee, the supervisor this morning, but wanted to have a documentation of this visit with you in case Renee does not response and for you to follow up with her to verify if she is doing her job...

User's recommendation: Stand your ground with these technicians.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LabCorp Pros: Got my blood on the first poke.

LabCorp Cons: Technicians that feel they do not represent labcorp, Technician that are confrontational.

Location: San Diego, California

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