San Jose, California

I went to the National Avenue location today to drop off my stool for testing and the Receptionist was very rude and told me its not the correct bottle although the doctor's office has given this bottle to me. Then wanted me to go to the toilet and put the frozen *** into the small bottle and bring.

In the toilet all the taps and the flush were taped out in red as if they were out of order. In order to put my *** in the small bottle I have to use toilet paper and then got into my hand as well. Then i went out and ask where to wash my hands and then they showed me a sink near the reception. The empty bottle I put in the trash can where the other girl said no and took it out.

They dont give you any instructionsand dont give us any gloves at all. They are very unprofessional and should not work in the Health Care Industry as they have no experience how to handle a situation like that and its very unsanitary.

I made a complaint to my doctor. I wont recommend this place to any body as the receptionis does not know what she is doinf and top of it extremely rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Receptionist.

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The LabCorp by me is the rudest business I have ever dealt with. Before any appointment I have to tell myself, "don't try to be nice, avoid eye contact, and only speak if grunted to."


Mad about those ***


The physician gave you the container and it was the wrong container.You would like accurate results right? They allowed you to go into the restroom at the facility ( which we really aren't allowed to do) to transfer it to the proper container so that you would have accurate results. your mad about .........