Prince George, Virginia

The labcorp I frequent is in Colonial Heights, VA. I showed up at the location 20 minutes before my scheduled time only to find an empty parking lot and a sign on the door stating they moved.

The new location isn't too far, in Prince George VA. I arrived and checked in and let the receptionist know I had an appointment. She proceeds to tell me they aren't accepting any appointments. I tried to explain the situation that they moved no one informed me and she was going to listen she told me again they werent taking appointments.

I asked who could I write a letter to she said I could take a comment card and it has a tiny box to write your comments so dissatisfied with this place. She didn't even offer to check with a supervisor.

I don't think they understand that people make appointments for their convince and the wait at labcorp is horrible, the only hope of getting out of that place within an hour is to schedule an appointment. Totally discussed with labcorp.

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