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I went to labcorp asheville to do a 10 panel drug test for school. I went in and washed my hands, then the girl told me I have to *** 45ml's.

I couldn't do it so i sat in lobby and drunk alot of water. then told the girl i can. On second try the girl says again only "you have to *** 45mls" so I peed right away and only got 20mls. so i sat in the bathroom for 15 minutes trying to relax and give this girl 45mls so i don't have to drive all the way over here.

finally gave up and went out and told the girl who had stood at the door the whole time all i could do was 20mls. well she gets her supervisor and tells her the temp strip on the cup is not reading a temp! well duh! I had been in there for 10-15 mins!

but the girl would not say this! she didn't say she had to read the strip in 4 minutes, which i found out later! she didn't knock on the door and tell me we have to check now whatever you have! when i told the supervisor i noted some colors on the side, she said no i didn't, because they dont disappear!

i was so upset that they failed me for a drug screen for their own incompentecy of not reading the urine in a 4 min time frame. and i didn't know that because i am not a lab tech! 20 mls will not be a normal 90-100F if it sets for 10-15 minutes! they told me to sign some papers and told me i would be notified of further instructions by my school.

I don't know what to do! I have been so upset that they would treat me this way!

It could mess with my career and schooling, so this supervisor really should have investigated the matter for a couple of minutes to find out what could have went wrong!

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Welcome to my club. After busting my *** for the current company I work for I break my leg at work and get terminated because labcorp found marijuana?

I take two prescribed medications which neither involve any type of marijuana and I don't think doing it once twelve years ago when I was a "rebelling teen" would show up. I had a career and would never take a chance of losing my job doing something like that... Yet I did. So now I'm jobless, about to get surgery on my leg, and have bills to pay.

No more mister nice guy anymore...

They *** me over and now my attorney and I are going to pay them back. Good luck to you and if (hopefully not) they screwed you don't take it lying down.


chain of custody drug test are regulated by state and federal law as to how much specimen and temp and time, if the collector did not follow the rules there can be repercussions for both the collector and the co. they cannot make exceptions