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american people stay away from lab corp this is a corrupt criminal enterprise with dna fraudulent testing if any one in america is in a state prison or federal prison an your conviction was due to the dna testing from lab corp can get you conviction over turned and get a new trial !!! iam a victim lab corps dna testing fraud but i got the proof on lab corp and south carolina justice system,!!!!

and posted it on my face book page already !!!!! some years back lab corp was also charged by the us department of justice with the false claims act, by over charging medicare millions of us tax payer dollars,!!!! they shut had been shut down for this federal crime !!!! im coming after lab corp on dna fraud along with the parties from south carolinas justice system who put the protocols on my brother james is dna not to publish it or release james is dna because of his celebrity status aint that a *** !!!!

lab corp took my 300 dollars and gave me a fraudulent dna test lol i got the last laugh i am the real deal !!!!! we were kept secret the family secret is revealed my brother james know of us he found out the truth at the apollo theater from his mother joe brown wax not his real father but his step father the name brown was given to my brother james after his birth to conseal the truth we have the same father but different mothers , their is alot more to the story though , america the bottom line lab cop and south carolina justice system picked on the wrong family!!!!! to flock over!!!!

and this papa dont take no mess here is the song from my brother james!!!! see the proof attached…

Original review posted by user Dec 20, 2018

i am kevin jones the brother of james joseph jones aka brown the godfather of soul music lab corp along with south carolinsa justice system commited dna fraud their were protocols not to publish or release my brother james is dna because of his celebrity status i got proof and filing federal charges as well

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To all readers, do not click on picture. File leads to a corrupted link with virus.

I think this comment was intended for cyber attack. Obvious since the grammar is bad as well.

Since I have to enter 50 words so I say Merry Christmas. And hope who ever sent this may reconsider his/her life's choices.

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