Peachtree Corners, Georgia
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After one year I finally was able to close a long and tortured interaction with Labcorp. I was originally billed $550 for a vaccination by Labcorp because I was not insured according to them.

After resubmitting the claim multiple times I found out the truth. BCBS was rejecting the Labcorp invoice because they were violating the terms of the agreement between the two companies because they were processing lab work out of state and charging in-state fees. I was able to verify this fact. In the end BCBS agreed to pay because they were sympathetic to the fact that I was unable to control how Labcorp did their work.

So BCBS paid (after a year) but told me they wouldn't if this happened again. I should go to a doctor that did not use them. In practice this is impossible since they have a monopoly. Labcorp lied to me when I called them.

(BTW it was extremely hard to talk to them in person. ) On top of that they send the bill to collection.

Over the years Labcorp has been fined hundreds of millions in fines. I hope the regulators will continue to clamp down on this unethical company.

Reason of review: Amount of time spend resolving my issues with labcorp (5 hours x $120) over a period of 6 monhts.

Monetary Loss: $600.

LabCorp Cons: Dishonesty about insurance.

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