Washington, District Of Columbia

I took my teenager to Labcorp in Manassas,VA for a blood draw and had a very bad experience. The only good thing was that they take appointments and when we arrived on time they took us almost immediately.

Unfourtanately it was down hill from here. The costumer service is poor at best. The staff simply bark out requests without directing them at any specific person and then get frustrated when you don't respond. We weren't called by our name but rather by our appointment time.

After being called there was no explanation about what was about to happen or the billing policy. We stood around the reception area not knowing exactly what to do. Then we got called back to the blood draw chair and this is when the worst happened, first they have no small needles for younger patients so out came the big fat needle. Then she stuck my child and then blurted out a loud Ooops!!!

when she missed the vein. No appologies were issued, she just dug the needle around until she hit a vein. She almost had my child in tears.

She clearly was trying to be as fast as she could, because as soon as she was done she yelled out the time. Next time we will try a different Labcorp since this is what our insurance company requires.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

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