Phoenix, Arizona

Location: 27th and I17, Phoenix, AZ

I arrived at 8am, lobby was already 3/4 full - I had a 1.5 hour wait until I was brought back to the technician. This wait time is not unusual - the receptionist now tells you that you can avoid this if you go to website and get an appointment - only solves wait time for you, not crowd of people waiting.

Finally called - then I found out there was only one technician - which is not unusual when I come here - seems it is always short-staffed. Led me to room and told me to wait while she went next door to draw from a baby. She must have had difficulty and yelled to the receptionist to help her - receptionist told her to wait until she finished some insurance cards! Three-four minutes later she finally came back to assist.

Trash cans were full (930 am????), and floor was littered - too much to do for one technician and no extra time for cleanup/breaks...

Technician was very friendly, professional and qualified. When I mentioned that they seemed to be short-handed she tried to make excuses until I told here I was a regular and this was the norm. Also I observe that I seldom see the same people - suspect technicians in the know don't want to work here more than once. Your local manager seems to be better at making lobby signs (there are a ton of them....) than managing customer satisfaction.

In summary this is a poorly managed lab that has very low customer satisfaction/reputation and is not changing year after year - worst, it may be a terrible accident waiting to happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Receptionist.

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I have been sitting here at Labcorp on MLK in Tampa for almost 2 hours. I made appointment at 9, showed up early an am still waiting to be called back to the window to pick up my insurance card. Never coming back here again.


Labcorp gave me a gallon jug to take home and fill over a 24 hour period for a uric acid test. I brought the jug back in as instructed at 8 AM, but was not allowed to hand it over at that time.

I was told to take a seat and wait with the other 20+ people in the cramped waiting room with my jug of ***. I sat there for an hour and 20 minutes before being called to the desk, and then there was no record of me in their system (even though I was there 3 days prior to get the jug and instructions).

It's ridiculous to make people wait to turn in samples and then just hand them over the counter while everyone watches with disgust. Labcorp needs to come up with a process for handling situations for people who come in to simply deliver specimens.