Fort Worth, Texas
Not resolved

Labcorp totally dropped the ball and they are now miserable to deal with. I gave blood for a PT on Monday and it was on Thursday when we discovered Labcorp sent my results to the wrong doctor.

I made a BIG deal about getting the test to the correct doctor when the blood was drawn. The issue? I'm having a heart ablation tomorrow, Friday, and Labcorp is being impossible about obtaining test results. The won't provide me my results and they won't email the ordering physician - they only offer a fax and it's now too late for a fax to make its way to my Baylor physician prior to my surgery.

I'm done with this organization.

They are stuck with 1980s technology and it leaves me at risk. Don't allow them to do this to you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LabCorp Cons: Worst service.

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