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As a Dr. I walked into a labcorp( Medical Office building Spring Valley in Las Vegas) needing a test for my mother.

They refused to provide thetest without an order form. So, I asked for the appropriate order form to fill out and was informed that they did not have any on site. Would not do the test. It was a Friday approaching 5 and I suspect that staff was more concerned with going home.

That I also desired the result stat was met with a sigh. Talked with supervisor on the phone, but her best solution for me was to go to a different Lab. Wow! I was standing in their lab as a legally prescribing-ordering physician, the patient was present and needed a stat result...

and they kicked us to the curb.

In short, these people don't realize they are in the healthcare field. Nothing but a "Can't Do" attitude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I will be brief. You need a prescription to get drugs from the pharmacy.

Same as you need an valid lab order to get lab tests. Nothing is done unless it is legally in writing.

Wagoner, Oklahoma, United States #1320198

Doesn't surprise me one bit, I'm also a physician and was trying to do the same thing, and of course the staff acted like was some thug asking for opiate medication!! Not to mention, you call their phone number and they never answer at the particular site, you are greeted with the most annoying and repetitive voice I have ever heard while placed on "hold", probably an effort to detract from phone calls.

Some people have to drive great distances to get lab work, and sometimes it's not known if the order has been received by a certain lab, and the it appears the only way to establish that fact at this particular site is drive 30 min and walk in and ask the person sitting on their *** if they have received the order!!! Labcorp is the worst of medicine...

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