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I was seen at a local plastic surgeon's office and had a mole removed. I authorized the procedure after discussing the costs. The doctor then included a bothersome mole for free. He recommended the two be biopsied and quoted LABCORP prices to be between $40 and $80. As I don't have health insurance and I am "self pay" I asked that only first mole be sent and biopsied.

A few days before the stitches were to be removed I received the bill for the biopsy from LABCORP-$188! When I went back to have the stitches removed I showed the him the bill and asked him to call-he refused!

I paid LABCORP the max my doctor quoted after speaking with LABCORP customer service. They had offered a 10% discount and said the doctor just misquoted.

I feel like I'm being played by the doctor and LABCORP. The doctor most likely makes something for his "selling" LABCORP to his patients. So hes uncooperative. LABCORP makes out by over charging and threatening customers with collection if the over charged bill is not paid.

Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone had a similar problem?

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