Washington, District Of Columbia

A. I went to Labcorp for blood test. When the lady was taking the blood, I got lot of pain and shouted to stop it. She stopped and took the blood from the Right hand.

I thought the pain was temporary.

B. Later when I was lifting a laptop bag I observed a pain. Then I went to Doctor on 01/10/2011. Doctor gave me Antibiotics and Ibrufein tablets.

C. There was no change in the pain. Again I went to the Doctor on Thursday (01/13/2011) and he referred to a Neurologist. Neurologist office worke from Monday thru Thursday.

I called them on 01/18/2011 but they are closed due to inclement weather.

1) Called Labcorp customer service center on Tuesday (01/11/2011) and reported the problem.

They told that they will send a mail to Columbia office and someone from that office will contact me.

2) I clled the Columbia Labcorp on 01/12/2011 and told about the problem to Cherry (410-997-1268).

She told that she will report her supervisor and they will call me.

3) I am calling everyday but no response from them.




Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

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