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As a long time regular at a labcorp in crestview hills, kentucky, I am upset of the departure of the tech who had been there for about a year and a half. She was 4 months pregnant when they got rid of her, i have seen people throw things at her, call her some of the most vulgar things, i have seen people try to bully her at closing to do their labs or drug screens, also heard stories of incidents where a few people have put their hands on her.

For months she begged her supervisor to get her out of that location, and she even went to counseling for job stress, but her supervisor did nothing. I know this because we have become close over the past year and a half, they left her to work by herself knowing she was going through severe morning sickness.

Not once did I ever hear about her supervisor coming down to look into these issues, instead, she left her down there basically to suck it up and deal. She is not the only tech to have put up with these issues in this service center, the 2 prior to her put up with the same kind of abuse..what kind of company lets their employees be constanty abused like is one even better they have still not sent her anything on cobra and they let her go on 9/21 and terminated her health coverage on 9/25....for god's sake the girl is pregnant, how does a company leave their people like that...I still talk to her and wish her the best, she can do better than a company that refuses to deal with a lazy, harrassing supervisor he does nothing but obviously hides in her office doing only god knows what....

if you are smart take your business elsewhere.

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I am very familiar with that site and I also know the supervisors. To the person that posted this, I have no doubt that there was a lot more to the story.


this type of treatment also happens in indiana

@i agree

And in California