Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I had blood work done in Nov 2012 for my thyroid and cholesterol, as well as vitamin B and D. My out of pocket, after the insurance was $251.50.

I had to have the same tests done in Feb due to high TSH levels. But this time I paid $97.54. So I called Labcorp and was told I had to pay the extra $180 for the first test because the doctor ordered the blood to be tested for vitamin D. Labcorp said the Vitamin D test is $560 and insurance paid all but $180 for that test.

Give me a break......the sad part is, you are at the mercy of Labcorp. I will definitely request my Doctor not to order extra tests, and I will definitely not go back to labcorp.

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And the Medicare pays for Vitamin D about $40.


Call your Dr. Office and find out it they did order the test after the fact.