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I had lab work done a year ago, and I never recieved a bill for the work. Then, one night in December I get a call from a COLLECTIONS AGENCY saying Labcorp sent my account to them to collect over $2,000.

When I told them I never recieved a bill, the collections agency did suspend the account until I could get this rectified. Come to find out Labcorp was sending my bill TO ANOTHER STATE! When I asked labcorp for a bill, they refused to send it to me. My insurance company got invovled, and the insurance company actually yelled at Labcorp saying that their billing department never sent the bill to them first, and I was supposed to pay $200.

Then, my insurance company demanded Labcorp to send me a bill TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

So far, Labcorp has not and they sent me to collections again. WHat do I have to do to get a bill?

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Send me a bill to my correct address.

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I needed to vent somewhere about Labcorp. I have my own issue with them.

In December I had to have some lab work done through my doctor's office.

I was sent a bill later on for $95. I asked several times if I could get on a hardship plan because of no current income. Sent $5 a month for three months. This local billing department are idiots.

They ignored my correspondence, and continued with the threatening letters and calls. THEY are the ones that 2 weeks ago credited another patient with my last payment by cashing MY check to that patient's account. So now I have only paid for two months instead of three, thanks to their idiocy. I am currently in the red in the LCA Collections and they are being threatening.

I wish they would stop sending me these LCA Collections bills and calling me! I had to reach one of the higher-ups in the company to get any compassion at all. Luckily that check was only $5, but it's gone now! At least now I am going to get put on a actual monthly payment plan very soon, because of one kind person that actually paid attention, not even local to me.

I am afraid they will send me to third party collections or worse though. It's not my fault they screwed up!

So they bug me too much, and you never got the bill to the correct address in the first place, or in the correct amount. I got bills but they wouldn't give me a payment plan or credit the correct account. On the back of the cashed check it was printed some foreign name, not mine like the previous one cashed.

They are making a big fuss over what was 95 dollars, and should be $80 now, but because of THEIR mistake it's still $85.

I cannot stand having to deal with this company. It's worse than pulling teeth.