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I paid my bill of 34.00 online over a year ago. Yesterday I received a collection notice from "Credit Collection Services" for the same bill.

I have not used Labcorp in almost two years. THIS BILL IS PAID! WHY are the screwing with my credit report??? Do they not have records?

I went tho their website and paid the bill in full. What is wrong with this company? Now I have to spend my free time callling/writing to straighten out this mess. Perhaps I should charge them for my time?

Is that legal?

Why do I have to correct other peoples screwups?

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Reply, in writing, and within 30 days of the collection letter, that the bill is not valid. Sorry, but these mistakes do happen, and we are required to fix them or the credit reports have even more errors.

The credit bureaus have set up this system and it is really terrible.

Good thing it was not for student loans, or they would already be garnishing your wages or bank account.