Ocala, Florida

Laboratory Corporation of America (Labcorp) is one largest clinical laboratories in the world. The company is a leader in the commercialization of new diagnostic technologies and genomic testing.

The company operates commercial laboratories throughout the country. With this background you would think Labcorp could hire respectable and professional staff, this is not the case. I went to the office on 17th St. in Ocala, Florida yesterday and got nothing but bad attitudes, yelled at from the office window, and had my personal information shouted from the registration window to the entire group of customers sitting in the lobby.

I would think these people would be trained in patient confidentiality but they either missed that day of training or just do not care. I am a medical professional and would not think of treating my patients the way I was treated. Georgia Tomlinson the worker that collected my test (I would say medical professional but she was not professional by any means) you need to reconsider the profession you are in, your attitude was abrupt, rude and inconsiderate. To the other two ladies that were working (Hispanic lady at the desk and white lady with long hair and a white lab coat) you are simply rude and the most unprofessional people I have encountered in a very long time.

#1 I do not appreciate being yelled at after waiting patiently for 1 hour, #2 I do not appreciate the lady in the lab coat shouting what test I was there for to the entire lobby. Don't you know anything about patient confidentiality??? It was non of the other customers business to know what I was there for. Furthermore, it was not your place to be announcing it while yelling at me from the registration window!

I think everyone of you the Jamaican lady (Georgia), the Hispanic lady at the registration desk, and the white lady drawing blood with the white lab coat should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY!

And Labcorp, if you are a leader in the industry, operate world wide, and are innovative - my advise to you is to hire staff with a professional demeanor, positive attitude, and that are respectful to the customers that count on your services because the staff at this location do not reflect well on your company AT ALL!

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

LabCorp Cons: Entire experience- bad attitudes and violated my privacy rights, Entire experience.

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