Fayetteville, North Carolina
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I am active duty military, with TRICARE insurance. Due to the military facility being unavailable I was sent to a civilian facility outside of Fort Bragg for a medical issue.

During the visit, the doctor sent me to get blood work done at Lab Corp. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but 6 months after I start receiving weekly collection letters from LCA Collections stating that my account is "severly delinquent". I contacted TRICARE and they said that I have ZERO patient responsibility for this bill and it was on Lab Corps to submit the required information in order for the TRICARE to render payment.

All it would take is for the LAB to submit the results of the test in the system (diagnosis code) but it is apparently easier for them to just harass me with threats of ruining my credit in hopes that i pay the "debt". I will NOT be paying this bill but am seriously considering paying the Lab Corps EXECS a visit in person to resolve this like men.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • Unethical Business Practices
  • Lca Collections
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Currently having a similar issue with these fools. Active duty, services rendered in April through my doctor, not my choice.

Labcorp is too damned *** to properly file and even when they do on one bill it seems they are pestering us for the difference which we don't owe. *** labcorp you suck


They did the same to me .


So, you're letting your credit be ruined by ignoring this issue and now you think it's smart to post threats online. I find it hard to believe you think this is a good way to solve problems.