Carrollton, Georgia

My husband an I had to have lab work done. I look at our insurance every few days to see what has been paid and what haven't.

We both received bills from them in and are almost duplicate showed where they made their own adjust insurance was not billed. I contacted my insurance company and they said they are going to check into it but it may take thirty days. I get my paper work back from ins. all my deductible and out of pocket had been met I owe them nothing I got a bill for aprox.

$73.79 said it had been turn to collections.

Ok my husband gets a bill about this same amount shows no ins. and another bill for over $200.00 when I got the ins papers in it said none owed on the seventy something dollar bill and only one hundred three and some changed owed on the other.

Every time I have tried to talk to them you get treated like you are a thief and they will even tell you they are busy and have to go if there was a way to have bloodwork done without using them I would even if I had to drive twenty miles out of the way

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