Herndon, Virginia

when I asked why I was told in case there are other charges. I have insurance so they pay the contracted amount..so why would there be OTHER charges?

I could not get an answer.

I have been using this lab for years but will not use them again. They do not need my card so they can charge what ever they feel is OTHER...I have never been asked at any other lab...seems like another way to perform insurance scams by billing the customer and then we have to fight or insurance company or credit card for our money back...

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It IS ridiculous. It is like walking into any business to buy something you want or need and they tell you to just take it with you but leave them a BLANK CHECK and they will feel it out with whatever amount they want at a later time!!

How many other places would you go and write them out a BLANK check and leave??

It's NOT right. The government or lawyers need to STOP this NOW!


First and last time using Labcorp. Front desk required insurance information and credit card before providing service.

Was told it was Labcorp policy in case there was an amount unpaid by the insurance company and that they would call before charging card.

Is this even legal? This kind of offensive anti-customer attitude on the business end is why the medical professionals have lost their position of respect in the community.