Denver, Colorado
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I decided to be a responsible adult and get a full STD panel done. The doctor sent the blood panels into Labcorp and they charged me $784.30...How in the world is anyone supposed to be able to afford that?

What is wrong with this company? I know that blood panels can't cost more than $300, so this company basically robbed me. awesome.

GO TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD FOR STD TESTING, this company is evil. The workers are not looking for your best interest because the over priced tests pay their bills.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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the $700 is not what they charge you, it's what they charge your insurance (if you have), if not then yes you pay full price. and of course one of those corner dr's or labs are going to be cheaper, their facilities are cheap. Go to another real lab like Quest diagnostics and see how much they would charge you.