Franklin Township, New Jersey

I scheduled an appointment over three weeks ago for this morning at 7:30 am for my son's blood work. We arrived at 7:20 am and signed in noting we had an appointment on the sign in sheet.

After waiting for 20 mins and seeing others called in before us that arrived after, I went to the window to inquire when my son would be called as he had an appointment. I was told that he was not "in the computer". I received a confirmation of his appointment, but had deleted it as it was 3 weeks ago so I did not have it on my phone to refer to. I believe our appointment was given to someone else while we sat there waiting.

I recall at around 7:30 am that someone was called and it was specifically called out for a 7:30 appointment. There is more than one person back there drawing blood, so her statement of someone else had a 7:30 am is irrelevant. I ended up having to leave as my son has autistic disorder and I could not wait. I specifically made an appointment and did not come as a walk in because he cannot be in an unfamiliar surroundings for long periods of time.

She told me I had to wait so we had to leave.

I wanted to report this as unacceptable and I do believe she gave our appointment to someone else and lied about not finding us in the system. I intend to research further and find that confirmation information and bring the error to the attention of the manager of the veronica avenue somerset, nj.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

LabCorp Pros: Some staff members freindly.

LabCorp Cons: Not professional, Attitude did not want to be working, Long wait time with a scheduled appointment, Customer serivce.

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