Lutherville Timonium, Maryland

There is only one technician at the location ( In Lutherville, On Falls road, Maryland ) at around 1 pm, Friday, 8/1/2014. I told her that my doctor had faxed the prescription yesterday. She checked the file and flipped through some paper quickly and said that she did not have it. I tried to explain to her that my doctor's office assured me that it was sent. She rudely snapped at me and said she "just don't have it." I called my doctor right there and they said they had the conformation of the fax. To avoid arguing with the technician, I asked the doctor's office to send it again. So they did.

When the fax came through, the technician 'ordered' me to come around to her desk and kept on saying that she was there yesterday and did not receive my doctor's fax, and continue to discredit me of the claim that the prescription should have come through yesterday. She kept on saying that there were two Labcorp listed under " Lutherville" even after I told her the fax number I gave to the doctor was correct.

( Let me remind you that I was the only customer there at that time, she was in no way under stress of having to handle many people. )

After my experience with this labcorp, I will try my best to have my lab work done by other lab. I do not want to be treated badly again.

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