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Back in November of last year, I received a routine STD test from Planned Parenthood. It was for the big four. I had to go in, provide them with my insurance information, then wait two business days so they could clear things with my health insurance ahead of time to make sure it would go through.

I don't remember what they told me it would cost if I paid out of pocket (in the hundreds), but I put it on insurance, paid the $50 copay, and forgot about it.

Then at the end of January, I receive a bill from LabCorp for $500. They said they were operating on behalf of Planned Parenthood. It said my insurance processor was unable to make the claim, and that I would have to pay out of pocket. I called them. They said they didn't even have insurance information for me on file. At all. I was asked to provide my insurance information over the phone, which I promptly did and they said it would be covered if the insurance went through.

Maybe five days ago, I received a bill for another $80 from LabCorp, saying that this was the copay for my insurance. I had already paid the copay back in November, five months ago, of $50. Even assuming the billing was legitimate, and this is how things are supposed to happen ... what happened to my initial copay? Did the insurance company eat it? Planned Parenthood take it "under the table" (I paid cash)? I have no idea what happened here, and as far as I can tell, I'm being scammed out of at least $50 by someone. Probably as much as $500.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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There is a copay for planned parenthood and a copay for 50 dollar payment does not take care of both...


Is this a common practice with Labcorp to say they didn't have your insurance on file. Similar situation with my wife.

Received a $500 bill and called them to give them insurance info and they said, Oh, we mistakenly filed with wrong department. How many people do you think actually pay the bills and Labcorp makes higher margins?