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    • Ease of scheduling appt on line 7
    • Some staff members freindly 4
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  • From mobile
  • 1 hour ago
  • #940885

The process was fast but MAN, the staff were so rude!! Never had this horrible experience before. Rushing me sign the papers without letting me finish reading them first, what the heck?

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Yes , I had a series of test order which was to take 2 hours and I had to fast , my doctor told me make sure you hand them these instructions so they do this correctly . I got to lab told the lady I need them to read this Lee my doctor as to make sure test are performed properly , Lady responds we do this every day all day I don't need instructions . Well a week later my doctor calls and now I have to do all of these test over again because of... Read more

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ABSOLUTELY THE WORST DRUG TESTING CENTER! 1. Spent hours trying to find a location that was on the Internet and through their phone company! Ended up being closed and was still even given a phone line without any education on the site being closed! 2. Finally begin calling the customer service line to complain and without a doubt there is NO WAY for patients to actually get someone on the phone because it was all phone recordings. 3. Finally go... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 13
  • #935934

I did it again i made the mistake of coming back to the lab in Palm Beach Gardens, FL They so rude, unprofessional and lazy. When I arrive 4 ahead of me 40 min later still not checked in. Truly a serious attitude problem. This will be the LAST time at Lab Corp

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Lab Corp attempted to bill my OLD insurance numerous times despite the fact I provided them on numerous occasions the new insurance information. They then combined the old and new information and continued to bill wrong. I finally got them to set up the correct information and they still improperly billed causing the claim to be denied. My physician has sent them updated coding numerous times and instead of correcting the issue, they pulled... Read more

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This is the 2nd time in 5 yrs that i have had wrong information sent to my doctor by labcorp the first time was in 2012 when my pain management doctor told me my test showed cocaine marajuana an a depressant in my screen after a half hour of arguing an sitting with my wife next to me ready to kill it was realized i hadnt had a urine sent so how does my doctor recieve a lab report with my name an all the right stuff on it identifying me? I had... Read more

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I went to see Dr Sieminski who is my 88 years mother's primary. he ordered to get some blood work done. I signed my mom's name in the book out of the door and told her that I was there. She gave me the "look". then I went and sit and wait and wait and wait and wait for 45 minutes - the lady never called. when in the office, no one was there. And the second times she does that to us - please, refrain from going there - She needs to know... Read more

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Labcorp. I went in for a urine drug test for employement at 16285 dorsset. The receptionist was very nice. The "nurse" that brought me to the room was the biggest POS I have ever met in my life. She asks me to empty my pockets and place my belongings in a box, so I do that and I read on the box "this is only for urine samples". So I asked, did I just put all my belongings in the same box you store the urine in? Her response: looks me up and... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 03
  • #930189

My sons girlfriend went to labcorp on Lacy Road. They did not treat her very nice they were mean. They were also talking about other customers when the customer left..

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 01
  • #928937

Lab Corp and Greenbrook hardly open ..latest that they're open is 330 .I work so I went on Saturday only for them to tell me that I couldn't get my work done because I needed an appointment so I called for an appointment and they told me I had to do it online ..nobody there speaks English well.. this place really has gone downhill

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