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Made an 8:45 AM appointment (#22195630) at 7431 N University Dr, Tamarac FL33321 location, arrived at 8:31 AM, only drew blood at 9:35AM. Office had about 45 people waiting. This an "appointment only office" so the mind boggles at why they are making more appointments than they can handle. After 45 mins of waiting I mentioned I was fasting and needed to eat soon to avoid a low blood sugar. I also told them I had suspended basal my insulin... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #905015

This is the worst place. I had to go to labcorp because of insurance. No comparison to quest. It is the worst customer service. Workers are extremely slow.

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My wife (Julie Seymour) had blood work done by LabCorp in. September 25, 2015.We have CareFirst Blue Cross / Blue Shield insurance which generally covers 90% of this type of testing. We have received numerous bills from LabCorp for $913.00. This billing has never been submitted to our insurance company for request of payment. This is the second time in three years that LabCorp has not provided their due diligence to submit bills to insurance... Read more

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Went to lab Corp this am,went to midlothian branch,arrived at 9:30, there was one employee,obviously overwhelmed,the waiting room was packed and we were all discussing the fact that there was no one to cover the desk,after half an hour of discussion we found that some of those waiting had been there for two or more hours,appointments made no difference,tried to calling to see if others were as busy and the voice mail hung up on me, called around... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 18
  • #902998

Made an appointment and the receptionist had no clue I had one. After having mentioned it to her, still had to wait my turn

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I went to have a standing order for blood work done at Lab Corp Office on 8/16/16 at your Green Valley, Az office on La Canada. The nurse was working by herself and her name was Shirley. All the time there( appx 1 hr) she took at least 10 minutes to register each patient before drawing their blood.I have been there several times before aad the regular employee there never took as long as her to register patients. I assumed she was a fill in... Read more

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I am in for a BNP as a test of my congestive heart failure. First thing they do is slap me with a letter that says they will bill me because the diagnostic code was not on the slip. No explanation of how to resolve this. No consideration. No questions allowed. Just sign or else. They will not contact the doctor. They will not lift a finger to help in any way. I tell my doctor and his staff spend 30 minutes on hold before giving up. ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 17
  • #902084

Never had anyone draw blood away from the crease of my arm. But labcorp did. This is already 5 days old and looks much better than it had. First clue was she couldn't find a vein. Never have had a problem and I get blood work often. Not to mention you deal with ghetto talk while getting checked in. I recommend avoiding.

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I am disturbed by the trend among all healthcare companies: Doctors, Labs, Hospitals etc. who perform clinical work and DO NOT inform the patients of the costs involved. I went into see my Dr. for general fatigue and they took blood samples and had LabCorp perform 10 analysis. The bill for this in the past has cost me about $260-$300 I was shocked at my latest bill for $1430!!!! It sent me into a rage. I will NEVER trust a Doctor again... Read more

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Laboratory Corporation of America (Labcorp) is one largest clinical laboratories in the world. The company is a leader in the commercialization of new diagnostic technologies and genomic testing. The company operates commercial laboratories throughout the country. With this background you would think Labcorp could hire respectable and professional staff, this is not the case. I went to the office on 17th St. in Ocala, Florida yesterday and got... Read more

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